PDPA 2018

Chapter I:       Sec 1-3


Chapter II:     Sec 4-11

Data Protection Obligations

Chapter III:    Sec 12-17

Grounds for Processing Personal Data

Chapter IV:    Sec 18-22

Grounds for Processing Sensitive Personal Data

Chapter V:     Sec 23

Personal and Sensitive Personal Data of Children

Chapter VI:    Sec 24-28

Data Principal Rights

Chapter VII:  Sec 29-39

Transparency and Accountability Measures

Chapter VIII: Sec: 40-41

Transfer of Personal Data Outside India

Chapter IX: Sec 42-48


Chapter X:     Sec 49-68

Data Protection Authority of India

Chapter XI:    Sec 69-78

Penalties and Remedies

Chapter XII: Sec 79-89

Appellate Tribunal

Chapter XIII: Sec 90-96


Chapter XIV: Sec 97

Transitional Provisions

Chapter XV:  Sec 98-112

Schedule I
Amendments to ITA 2000
Schedule II
Amendments to RTI Act 2005
PDF Copy of the Proposed Act
Sri Krishna Committee Report